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Southwest Guilford High School

High Point, NC

Southwest Guilford High School

High Point, NC

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    Southwest Guilford High School, located in the city of High Point, NC, is an educational institution offering a well-rounded experience to its students. Known for its strong emphasis on athletics, Southwest Guilford High School's sports programs are exceptional and an integral part of the school's identity. The school takes great pride in promoting teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit among its student-athletes. As a member of the state athletics association, Southwest Guilford High School competes at a high level against other schools in North Carolina. The school's dedication to athletic excellence is evident in its commitment to providing top-notch facilities and resources for its teams. With a wide array of sports options available, including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more, students have the opportunity to excel in their chosen athletic pursuits while representing Southwest Guilford with pride. Southwest Guilford High School is not just a place for academic learning but also a hub for athletic success. Their sports programs, strong affiliation with the state athletics association, and commitment to fostering well-rounded student-athletes highlight the school's dedication to providing a holistic educational experience for its students.


    • Southwest Guilford High School
    • 4364 Barrow Rd High Point, NC 27265
    • Cowboys
    • North Carolina High School Athletic Association
    • Brian Williams
    • 19 State Championships