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Grimsley High School

Greensboro, NC

Grimsley High School

Greensboro, NC


Grimsley High School, located in the city of Greensboro, NC, is a renowned educational institution with a rich history and a strong commitment to academic and athletic excellence. The school takes great pride in its robust athletics programs, which are an integral part of the student experience. Grimsley High School's sports teams consistently demonstrate a high level of dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. As a member of the state athletics association, Grimsley High School's athletics programs adhere to the highest standards of competition and integrity. The school's wide range of athletic offerings ensures that students with various interests and abilities can find opportunities to excel. From football and basketball to soccer, volleyball, and track and field, Grimsley High School's athletics programs provide a platform for students to develop their athletic skills, learn valuable life lessons, and create lasting memories. Grimsley High School's commitment to fostering a well-rounded educational experience is reflected in its exemplary athletics programs. The school's participation in the state athletics association showcases its dedication to competitive sports at the highest level. Grimsley High School's students can take pride in being part of a supportive and inclusive community that values both academic and athletic achievements.


  • Grimsley High School
  • 515 N Elam Ave Greensboro, NC 27403
  • Whirlies
  • North Carolina High School Athletic Association
  • DJ Reader, Delton Hall, Rueben Davis, Mike Elkins
  • 10