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Altavista High School

Altavista, VA

Altavista High School

Altavista, VA


Altavista High School, located in the town of Altavista, Virginia, is renowned for its exceptional education and thriving athletic programs. With a rich history and a strong commitment to academic excellence, Altavista High School provides students with a supportive and engaging learning environment. Altavista High School's athletics programs are nothing short of exceptional. The school takes great pride in offering a wide range of sports that cater to the diverse interests and talents of its students. From football to basketball, soccer to track and field, Altavista High School's teams consistently demonstrate a high level of skill and dedication. The school is a proud member of the Virginia High School League (VHSL), which promotes fair competition and sportsmanship among schools statewide. Altavista High School's athletes have the opportunity to compete at a high level, fostering their physical abilities, teamwork skills, and a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the playing field.


  • Altavista High School
  • 904 Bedford Ave Altavista, VA 24517
  • Colonels
  • Virginia High School League
  • Juan Thornhill
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