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West Albany High School

Albany, OR

West Albany High School

Albany, OR


West Albany High School, located in the city of Albany, Oregon, is an educational institution that offers a diverse range of opportunities for its students. With a strong emphasis on both academic excellence and personal growth, this institution has garnered a well-deserved reputation for being a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. At West Albany High School, the athletics programs are an integral part of the school's community. From football to basketball, soccer to track and field, students have access to a wide variety of sports that promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. With dedicated coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, students are provided with the resources they need to excel in their chosen sports. West Albany High School is proud to be a member of the state athletics association, contributing to the rich legacy of Oregon high school athletics. The school's commitment to fostering a well-rounded education ensures that students not only develop their physical skills but also learn valuable life lessons such as resilience, discipline, and commitment through their involvement in sports.


  • West Albany High School
  • 1130 SW Queen Ave Albany, OR 97321
  • Bulldogs
  • Oregon School Activities Association
  • Once A Bulldog - Always A Bulldog