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Waverly-South Shore High School

Waverly, SD

Waverly-South Shore High School

Waverly, SD

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    Waverly-South Shore High School, located in the town of Waverly, SD, is an example of academic and athletic excellence in the community. With a commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, this school offers a wide range of opportunities for students to excel both in the classroom and on the field. At Waverly-South Shore High School, the athletics programs are second to none. The school takes great pride in fostering a competitive spirit and promoting teamwork among its athletes. Students have the chance to participate in a variety of sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, and more. With state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated coaches, students are provided with the support and resources they need to reach their full potential. The school is an active member of the state athletics association, further highlighting its commitment to excellence in athletics. Through this affiliation, Waverly-South Shore High School competes against other top schools in the state, showcasing their talent and sportsmanship on a larger stage. The state athletics association also provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and learn valuable life lessons through participation in various athletic events and tournaments. Waverly-South Shore High School is a place where students are encouraged to dream big, work hard, and embrace their passions. With a strong focus on academics, athletics, and personal growth, this school prepares students for success both on and off the field.