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W. T. Woodson High School Cheerleading and Dance


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    W. T. Woodson High School, located in the city of Fairfax, VA, is an institution that offers a well-rounded education to its students. With a focus on academic excellence and a commitment to fostering personal growth, Woodson High School has built a reputation for producing successful graduates who go on to excel in various fields. One of the school's standout features is its robust athletics programs, which provide students with ample opportunities to pursue their passion for sports. From basketball and soccer to swimming and track and field, Woodson High School offers a diverse range of athletic activities that cater to a wide array of interests. With a dedicated coaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities, the school offers students an environment conducive to honing their skills, fostering teamwork, and promoting healthy competition. Woodson High School is also a member of a respected state athletics association, emphasizing its commitment to providing students with well-rounded experiences. This affiliation enables the school to participate in competitive interscholastic events and championships, fostering a sense of community pride and school spirit. Students at Woodson High School have the opportunity to represent their school on a statewide level, showcasing their talent and dedication to their chosen sport. Woodson High School's dedication to academic excellence, robust athletics programs, and participation in a respected state athletics association make it a top choice for students seeking a comprehensive and enriching high school experience.