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Victoria JrSr High School Basketball



Victoria JrSr High School, located in the town of Victoria, KS, is a proud institution that truly embodies the spirit of community and academic excellence. With a strong focus on fostering well-rounded individuals, this school offers an array of programs that nurture students' athletic abilities, promoting growth and teamwork. At Victoria JrSr High School, the athletics programs are highly regarded and celebrated. The school's state athletics association proudly recognizes their teams' accomplishments and achievements, cementing their reputation as a competitive force. The athletics department strives to instill in students the importance of dedication, discipline, and sportsmanship, building character and resilience that extends beyond the playing field. The school's commitment to fostering a well-rounded education is evident through its athletics programs and recognition from the state athletics association. Victoria JrSr High School provides an environment that encourages students to excel both academically and athletically, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and values necessary for success in every aspect of their lives.


  • Victoria JrSr High School
  • 1105 10th St. Victoria, KS 67671
  • Knights
  • Kansas State High School Activities Association
  • 7