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Stratford STEM Magnet School

Nashville, TN

Stratford STEM Magnet School

Nashville, TN


Stratford STEM Magnet School, located in the city of Nashville, TN, is a premier institution known for its exceptional academic offerings and commitment to STEM education. With a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math, Stratford STEM Magnet School provides its students with a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that prepares them for future success. In addition to its outstanding academic programs, Stratford STEM Magnet School also boasts a thriving athletics program. The school recognizes the important role that sports play in fostering students' physical health, teamwork, and discipline. With a wide range of sports offerings, including basketball, soccer, track and field, and more, Stratford STEM Magnet School provides ample opportunities for students to participate in competitive athletics. the school is proudly affiliated with the state athletics association, ensuring that students have access to high-quality coaching, facilities, and opportunities to compete against other schools in Tennessee. Stratford STEM Magnet School combines a strong focus on STEM education with a robust athletics program, providing students with a well-rounded and enriching educational experience. The school's dedication to academic excellence and commitment to holistic development make it a top choice for families seeking an outstanding education in Nashville, TN.


  • Stratford STEM Magnet School
  • 1800 Stratford Ave Nashville, TN 37216
  • Spartans
  • Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association
  • Corey Fleming