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Servite High School Cheerleading and Dance


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    Servite High School, located in sunny Anaheim, CA, is an institution that cultivates excellence in academics, character development, and athletic achievement. With a strong focus on holistic education, Servite offers a well-rounded experience that helps students thrive both inside and outside the classroom. One of the school's standout features is its exceptional athletic programs. Servite High School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), a state athletics association that oversees and governs high school athletics in California. The school's athletics programs are known for their competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and dedication to success. From football to basketball, soccer to swimming, students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of sports, allowing them to discover and refine their talents while also fostering teamwork and discipline. Servite High School is an outstanding educational institution that not only instills academic excellence but also encourages students to excel in the world of sports. Its involvement in the CIF ensures that students can experience the thrill of competing at the highest level while upholding the values of fair play and integrity.