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Sam Houston High School Cheerleading and Dance


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    Sam Houston High School in Lake Charles, LA is an institution that fosters excellence in both academics and athletics. With a rich tradition of athletic achievement, the school's athletics programs are highly regarded and widely recognized. From football to basketball, track and field to baseball, the school offers a diverse range of sports for students to participate in and excel at. The school is a proud member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, which ensures that its athletic programs operate with integrity and adhere to state standards. Emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication, the athletics programs at Sam Houston High School provide students with valuable opportunities to develop their skills, build character, and form lasting friendships. The school's commitment to athletics is evident in the enthusiastic support received from students, faculty, and the local community, creating an electric atmosphere during games and competitions. Sam Houston High School truly exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship and is a nurturing environment for young athletes to thrive and achieve their full potential.


    • Sam Houston High School
    • 880 Sam Houston Jones Pkwy Lake Charles Lake Charles, LA 70611
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    • Louisiana High School Athletic Association
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