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Rayville High School Ice Hockey

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    Rayville High School, located in the city of Rayville, LA, is a remarkable educational institution known for its exceptional commitment to academic excellence and a thriving community spirit. With a rich legacy dating back several decades, Rayville High School offers a nurturing environment that empowers students to reach their full potential and prepares them for a successful future. At Rayville High School, athletics play a significant role in fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and personal growth. The school boasts an impressive athletics program that offers a wide range of sports activities to cater to diverse interests and abilities. From exhilarating football games to intense basketball matches and everything in between, Rayville High School's athletic teams showcase remarkable talent and dedication. The state athletics association to which the school belongs provides a platform for spirited competitions against other schools across Louisiana, allowing students to develop their skills, forge lasting friendships, and embrace the values of sportsmanship. Rayville High School stands as an example of educational excellence in Rayville, LA. It provides a nurturing environment for students to grow academically and personally, while its robust athletics programs and participation in state athletics associations ensure a engaging high school experience for all.


    • Rayville High School
    • 193 Highway 3048 Rayville, LA 71269
    • Hornets
    • Louisiana High School Athletic Association
    • 2
    • Reginald Nelson
    • Hornets Nest