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Rampart High School Basketball



Rampart High School, located in the city of Colorado Springs, is an educational institution with a strong focus on academic excellence and well-rounded development. The school boasts an exceptional athletics program, providing students with numerous opportunities to unleash their potential and foster a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork. With a wide variety of sports offered, including basketball, soccer, swimming, track and field, and more, Rampart High School encourages students to pursue their passion for athletics, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. As an integral part of the Colorado High School Activities Association, Rampart High School competes against other schools in the state, showcasing the talent and dedication of its student-athletes. The school's athletics program aligns with the state athletics association's values of fair play, ethical conduct, and good sportsmanship, emphasizing the importance of character development alongside athletic achievement. Rampart High School is proud to participate in the state athletics association's events and tournaments, providing its students with opportunities to showcase their skills and represent their school with pride.