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Polytechnic High School - Pasadena Baseball



Polytechnic High School in Pasadena, CA is an educational institution that fosters a positive and inclusive environment for its students. Known for its exceptional athletics programs, Polytechnic High School offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in competitive sports and explore their athletic talents. From basketball to soccer, swimming to track and field, the school's athletics programs provide students with a platform to showcase their skills and develop a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. As a member of the state athletics association, Polytechnic High School actively participates in various interscholastic sports competitions and championships. With a strong emphasis on fair play and excellence in athletic performance, the school's association membership provides valuable opportunities for students to compete at a high level and showcase their abilities. Alongside the state athletics association, Polytechnic High School also promotes a holistic approach to education, encouraging students to excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their athletic endeavors, fostering their overall growth and development.