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Newberg High School

Newberg, OR

Newberg High School

Newberg, OR


Newberg High School, in Newberg, OR, is an educational institution that offers a multitude of opportunities for students to grow and excel. The school boasts a strong athletic program that provides students with a well-rounded experience both inside and outside the classroom. From basketball to soccer, track and field to volleyball, Newberg High School offers a diverse range of athletic activities to cater to students' interests and talents. As a member of the state athletics association, Newberg High School actively participates in various competitions and championships. The school takes pride in fostering a culture of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication among its student-athletes. Through these athletic programs, students are not only able to develop their physical skills but also learn valuable life lessons such as discipline, resilience, and leadership. Newberg High School's commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment allows students to thrive and reach their full potential.


  • Newberg High School
  • 2400 Douglas Ave Newberg, OR 97132
  • Tigers
  • Oregon School Activities Association
  • Newberg High School challenges student-athletes to expect excellence from themselves, and others in the athletic arena, without compromising excellence in personal and academic pursuits.