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New Haven High School

New Haven, MO

New Haven High School

New Haven, MO


New Haven High School, located in the town of New Haven, MO, is a school that prides itself on providing a well-rounded education and fostering a inclusive community. With a strong emphasis on athletics, New Haven High School offers an exceptional range of sports programs that cater to the interests and talents of its students. From basketball to football, softball to track and field, students have ample opportunities to engage in competitive sports and develop their physical skills. New Haven High School is a member of a reputable state athletics association, ensuring that its athletic programs uphold high standards of sportsmanship and fair play. The dedicated coaching staff at New Haven High School not only seek to develop the athletic abilities of their students but also instill important values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Through participation in these sports programs, students gain valuable life skills that extend beyond the playing field and prepare them for success in various aspects of their lives. New Haven High School is an educational institution that places great importance on its athletics programs, providing students with a comprehensive and enriching experience. With a commitment to excellence and a nurturing environment, New Haven High School cultivates a strong sense of camaraderie and prepares students for a bright future.


  • New Haven High School
  • 100 Park Dr New Haven, MO 63068
  • Shamrocks
  • Missouri State High School Activities Association
  • 18
  • Community Auditorium