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Monroe High School Soccer



Monroe High School, located in the city of Monroe, WA, is a thriving educational institution dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for its students. Recognized for its outstanding athletics programs, Monroe High School offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to engage in competitive sports and foster their physical development. From soccer to basketball, baseball to track and field, the school's athletics programs cater to a diverse range of interests and talents. Monroe High School is an active participant in the state athletics association, further enhancing its reputation as a hub for excellence in sports. By being involved in the state athletics association, the school ensures that its students have access to high-quality coaching, rigorous training, and the opportunity to compete at various levels. The state athletics association also provides a platform for schools across the region to come together and celebrate the spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship. With a commitment to nurturing the physical and sporting prowess of its students, Monroe High School continues to shine as an example of athletic achievement in the community of Monroe, WA.


  • Monroe High School
  • 17001 Tester Rd Monroe, WA 98272
  • Bearcats
  • Washington Interscholastic Activities Association
  • High school PLUS for EVERY student that walks through our doors.
  • Scott Darrow