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Milwaukie High School

Milwaukie, OR

Milwaukie High School

Milwaukie, OR


Milwaukie High School, located in the community of Milwaukie, Oregon, is an example of excellence in education and athletics. With a proud history and a commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals, it offers a diverse range of opportunities for students to thrive both academically and on the field. The athletics programs at Milwaukie High School are renowned for their dedication, sportsmanship, and success. The school's teams participate in the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA), showcasing their skills and competing at the state level. From football and basketball to soccer and track and field, the comprehensive selection of sports allows students to discover and pursue their athletic passions. The school's emphasis on teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition cultivates a supportive and inclusive environment, where students can develop valuable life skills while enjoying their favorite sports. Milwaukie High School's collaboration with the OSAA ensures that its athletics programs adhere to high standards of fairness and sportsmanship. The school's commitment to promoting positive values, such as respect and integrity, extends beyond the playing field, creating an atmosphere that fosters personal growth and character development. Students at Milwaukie High School have the opportunity to build lasting friendships, learn valuable life lessons through athletics, and proudly represent their school and community.


  • Milwaukie High School
  • 2301 SE Willard Milwaukie, OR 97222
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  • Oregon School Activities Association
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