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Millington High School Cheerleading and Dance


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    Millington High School, located in the town of Millington, MI, offers a top-notch educational experience complemented by a robust athletics program. With a passion for promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and achievement, Millington High School's athletics department is a shining example of excellence both on and off the field. The school is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), which ensures fair competition and upholds the highest standards of integrity. Millington High School's athletics program encompasses a wide range of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, and more. The hard-working coaches and dedicated student-athletes strive for success, pushing themselves to reach their full potential while embodying the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Millington High School's commitment to athletics goes beyond the field, providing students with valuable life skills and lessons that will carry them through their future endeavors. The emphasis on teamwork, perseverance, and dedication fosters a positive and inclusive environment that encourages personal growth and achievement. With a strong focus on developing well-rounded individuals, Millington High School's athletics program truly embodies the spirit of both athletic excellence and character development.


    • Millington High School
    • 8780 Dean Dr Millington, MI 48746
    • Cardinals
    • Michigan High School Athletic Association
    • Jason Germain
    • Furno Field at Millington Cardinals Sports Complex