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Methuen High School Wrestling


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    Methuen High School, located in the town of Methuen, MA, is an example of academic excellence and community spirit. Known for its strong commitment to fostering well-rounded student experiences, this school offers a diverse range of programs to inspire and engage its students. One notable aspect of Methuen High School is its outstanding athletics programs. With a robust lineup of sports teams, the school encourages its students to pursue their athletic passions and excel in their chosen disciplines. Whether it's football on Friday nights, basketball on the court, or track and field on the field, Methuen High School instills a sense of sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork in each athlete. The school's athletics programs are guided by a dedicated coaching staff and supported by a network of enthusiastic and loyal fans. Methuen High School is also proudly affiliated with the state athletics association, which provides opportunities for the school's athletes to compete at the highest level and gain exposure to college recruiters and scouts. Through this association, Methuen High School has showcased its talented athletes, promoting a culture of excellence and fostering a sense of pride in the school community. Students at Methuen High School not only benefit from a top-notch education but also have the opportunity to thrive in an environment that values their athletic pursuits.


    • Methuen High School
    • 1 Ranger Rd Methuen, MA 1844
    • Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
    • Nicholson Stadium and Klimas Memorial