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Liberty High School

Bealeton, VA

Liberty High School

Bealeton, VA


Liberty High School, located in the town of Bealeton, VA, stands as a shining example of academic excellence and a nurturing environment for students to thrive in. With a rich history and a commitment to providing a well-rounded education, Liberty High School is truly a gem in the community. At Liberty High School, the athletics programs are highly regarded and play a significant role in the students' overall development. The school boasts an impressive range of sports teams, offering opportunities for students to engage in their passion for athletics. The school's state athletics association ensures that the sports programs adhere to the highest standards of competition and sportsmanship. Through athletics, students learn the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and dedication, building character and instilling a sense of pride in the Liberty Lions. Liberty High School in Bealeton, VA is a remarkable institution that not only prioritizes academic success but also provides a nurturing environment for students to thrive in various aspects of their lives. The school's commitment to its athletics programs and affiliation with the state athletics association ensures that students have access to a fulfilling and well-rounded educational experience. With a focus on excellence and a supportive community, Liberty High School prepares its students for bright futures as they grow into successful and well-rounded individuals.


  • Liberty High School
  • 6300 Independence Avenue Bealeton, VA 22712
  • Eagles
  • Virginia High School League
  • Leadership, High expectations, Service