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Higley High School Soccer

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No live or upcoming events currently scheduled


Higley High School, located in the community of Gilbert, AZ, is a shining example of excellence in education and athletics. As a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association, Higley High School prides itself on its strong commitment to fostering a well-rounded and competitive athletic program. At Higley High School, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports, from traditional favorites like football, basketball, and soccer to lesser-known but equally thrilling activities such as wrestling, tennis, and golf. The athletics program at Higley High School not only focuses on developing students' physical abilities, but also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. With a state athletics association that is renowned for its commitment to fair play and promoting a positive athletic culture, Higley High School athletes are able to compete at the highest level while upholding the values of respect, integrity, and excellence. The school's athletes are not only talented, but they also show remarkable dedication and passion for their chosen sports. Higley High School's athletics program serves as a source of pride for the entire community, fostering a strong sense of unity and support among students, parents, and fans alike.