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Granada High School

Granada, CO

Granada High School

Granada, CO


Granada High School, located in the town of Granada, CO, is a shining example of academic excellence coupled with a thriving athletics program. With a commitment to fostering well-rounded students, the school prides itself on offering a wide range of athletic opportunities for its students. Granada High School is a proud member of the state athletics association, which allows its athletic program to compete at various levels, showcasing the skills and dedication of its student-athletes. The school's athletics program encompasses a diverse range of sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and track and field, among others. These programs not only encourage physical fitness but also promote teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, instilling valuable life skills in the students. The dedication of the coaching staff at Granada High School is evident as they nurture the talents and potential of their student-athletes, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all. The school's athletics program is well-known in the community for its emphasis on personal growth, character development, and achievement both on and off the field. Granada High School takes great pride in its athletic achievements and the positive impact it has on the overall student experience.


  • Granada High School
  • 108 E Goff Ave Granada, CO 81041
  • Bobcats
  • Colorado High School Activities Association
  • The mission statement of the Granada School District is to foster a safe school environment which promotes individualism and cooperation, inquiry and acceptance, contemplation and communication, civic responsibility and community service, sensitivity and honesty while developing the skills and appreciation of learning that will serve students throughout their lives.