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Glen Ullin High School Volleyball

Broadcast Schedule

No live or upcoming events currently scheduled


Glen Ullin High School, located in the town of Glen Ullin, North Dakota, is an example of excellence in education and athletic achievement. With a strong focus on both academics and sports, this school creates a well-rounded environment for its students to thrive. Glen Ullin High School boasts an impressive athletics program that encompasses a wide range of sports, providing ample opportunities for students to discover and pursue their passions. From football and basketball to volleyball and track and field, the school's athletic offerings cater to a variety of interests and skill sets. With dedicated coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, students receive top-notch training and support to help them reach their full potential. As a proud member of the state athletics association, Glen Ullin High School regularly competes against other schools in the area, showcasing their talent and representing the community with pride. Through participation in state tournaments and championships, the school has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, consistently demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork. Beyond the thrill of competition, the athletics programs at Glen Ullin High School instill valuable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and leadership, preparing students for success both on and off the field.