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Fairfield High School

Fairfield, TX

Fairfield High School

Fairfield, TX

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    Fairfield High School, located in the town of Fairfield, TX, is an example of academic and athletic excellence. Known for its strong sense of community and commitment to student success, Fairfield High School offers a diverse range of opportunities for students to thrive. When it comes to athletics, Fairfield High School boasts an impressive lineup of programs. From football to basketball, baseball to volleyball, this school is home to a passionate and driven group of athletes. The school's state athletics association provides a platform for these teams to showcase their skills and compete against other top-notch schools across Texas. Through the guidance of dedicated coaches and the support of the entire community, Fairfield High School's athletics programs foster teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit.


    • Fairfield High School
    • 631 Post Oak Rd Fairfield, TX 75840
    • Eagles
    • University Interscholastic League
    • Girls Basketball - 2020, 2022
    • John Bachtel
    • Football - Eagle Field Basketball - Johnson Activity Center