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East Rockaway Senior High School Basketball



East Rockaway Senior High School, located in the town of East Rockaway, NY, is an educational institution known for its commitment to excellence and its strong sense of community. The school takes great pride in its athletics programs, which are designed to instill teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit in its students. Sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and track and field are just a few of the options available, ensuring that students with a variety of interests can find their passion on the field or court. As a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, East Rockaway Senior High School's athletics programs adhere to high standards of athletic achievement and sportsmanship. The school places great importance on fostering a positive and inclusive environment, where students can develop not only their physical skills but also their character and leadership abilities. The dedicated coaches and staff work tirelessly to create an atmosphere that encourages personal growth, enabling students to thrive both on and off the field. With a supportive community rallying behind them, East Rockaway Senior High School athletes have the opportunity to excel and create lasting memories in their pursuit of athletic success.


  • East Rockaway Senior High School
  • 443 Ocean Ave East Rockaway, NY 11518
  • Rocks
  • New York State Public High School Athletic Association
  • Russel Pajer