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East Lansing High School Basketball



Located in the city of East Lansing, Michigan, East Lansing High School is a renowned educational institution that exudes a positive and inclusive atmosphere. The school's commitment to excellence is exemplified by its robust athletics programs, offering a plethora of opportunities for students to engage in physical activity and showcase their talents on the field, court, or track. With a variety of sports like basketball, soccer, cross country, and more, East Lansing High School's athletics department provides ample avenues for students to develop their skills, foster teamwork, and instill a sense of sportsmanship. East Lansing High School is affiliated with a notable state athletics association, which further enhances the prestige of its athletic programs. Through its association, the school ensures that athletes are provided with a fair and competitive platform to participate in events and showcase their abilities at the state level. The association's guidelines and regulations reflect the school's commitment to maintaining a high standard of integrity in its athletics programs, ensuring that student-athletes are given the opportunity to thrive both on and off the field. At East Lansing High School, the dedication to fostering a well-rounded education is complemented by a athletics community that promotes physical fitness, camaraderie, and a strong sense of school pride.


  • East Lansing High School
  • 643 E Grand River Ave East Lansing, MI 48823
  • Trojans
  • Michigan High School Athletic Association
  • Jeff Smith Field @ Lynn C Adams Stadium