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Clay High School

South Bend, IN

Clay High School

South Bend, IN


Clay High School in South Bend, IN is an educational institution that takes pride in its strong emphasis on student success and excellence. With a rich history and a reputation for fostering a supportive and inclusive community, Clay High School truly stands out. The school's athletics programs are renowned for their commitment to encouraging physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Whether it's football, basketball, soccer, or track and field, Clay High School athletes consistently push themselves to achieve their best, both on and off the field. The school's athletics department is affiliated with the state athletics association, ensuring that students have the opportunity to participate in competitive events and showcase their talents at a broader level. Clay High School's commitment to holistic development extends beyond the realm of sports. The faculty and staff work hand in hand to create an environment that nurtures the growth of every student, valuing their unique abilities and providing them with a well-rounded education. With an emphasis on character development, academic achievement, and community involvement, Clay High School instills in its students the skills and values necessary to succeed in their future endeavors.


  • Clay High School
  • 19131 Darden Rd. South Bend, IN 46637
  • Colonials
  • Indiana High School Athletic Association
  • John Gruden, Dean Cain
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