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Cimarron-Memorial High School

Las Vegas, NV

Cimarron-Memorial High School

Las Vegas, NV

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    Cimarron-Memorial High School, located in the city of Las Vegas, NV, is an example of excellence in education and athletics. This institution is renowned for its unwavering commitment to fostering a well-rounded student experience. Cimarron-Memorial High School offers a wide range of athletic programs designed to nurture both skill development and teamwork among its talented students. With a diverse selection of sports, including basketball, football, soccer, and track and field, the school's athletics department provides ample opportunities for students to pursue their passions and showcase their talents. Cimarron-Memorial High School is an member of the state athletics association, ensuring its participation in highly competitive events and meaningful athletic rivalries. This membership not only enables the school to engage in thrilling competitions but also emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship, respect, and discipline among its student-athletes. Through consistent dedication to their craft and a strong sense of camaraderie, Cimarron-Memorial High School's athletic teams consistently demonstrate the values and spirit that make them formidable contenders in the local sports landscape.