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Chilhowie High School

Chilhowie, VA

Chilhowie High School

Chilhowie, VA


Chilhowie High School in Chilhowie, VA is an exceptional institution that fosters a positive and supportive environment for its students. With a strong focus on academics and character development, this school has established itself as a top choice for families in the area. Chilhowie High School takes great pride in its athletics programs, which are known for their commitment to excellence and sportsmanship. The school's teams participate in various sports, such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and more. The athletes are guided by dedicated coaches who not only prioritize skill development but also emphasize the importance of teamwork and resilience. Chilhowie High School's athletics programs are affiliated with the state athletics association, ensuring that students have the opportunity to compete against other schools and showcase their talents at a higher level. Chilhowie High School in Chilhowie, VA is a school that values academic achievement, character development, and athletic excellence. With a supportive community and a commitment to nurturing students' well-rounded growth, this school provides a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.


  • Chilhowie High School
  • 1160 East Lee Hwy P.O Box 2280 Chilhowie, VA 24319
  • Warriors
  • Virginia High School League
  • Sullins Stadium