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Cherry School Football



Cherry School, located in the town of Iron, MN, is an educational institution that prides itself on fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. With a strong emphasis on academics, the school also places great importance on its athletics programs. At Cherry School, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, allowing them to develop both physical fitness and important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. As an integral part of the state athletics association, Cherry School's athletics programs adhere to high standards of sportsmanship and fair play. The school takes great pride in its student athletes who consistently display commendable sportsmanship on and off the field. Through their participation in various sports, students develop a strong sense of camaraderie and unity, creating a positive and supportive community within the school. The athletics programs at Cherry School not only promote physical well-being but also foster personal growth and character development in its students.