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Central Texas Christian School Soccer

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    Central Texas Christian School, located in the heart of Temple, TX, is a thriving educational institution that exudes a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Committed to fostering a well-rounded education, the school offers a comprehensive athletics program that encourages students to excel both academically and athletically. With a focus on character development and teamwork, the school instills lifelong lessons that go beyond the playing field. Central Texas Christian School is proud to be associated with the state athletics association of private schools, ensuring that its athletics program adheres to high standards of sportsmanship and fair play. The school's athletic offerings encompass a wide range of sports, catering to the diverse interests and talents of its student body. From football to basketball, soccer to volleyball, and baseball to track and field, students have ample opportunities to engage in competitive sports and showcase their skills. With an emphasis on holistic development, Central Texas Christian School's athletics program allows students to nurture their physical abilities while fostering discipline, perseverance, and resilience. Through regular practices, exciting competitions, and positive coaching, students are encouraged to push their boundaries and strive for excellence. Ultimately, Central Texas Christian School's athletics program stands as a testament to the school's commitment to creating well-rounded individuals who are primed for success both on and off the field.


    • Central Texas Christian School
    • 4141 W FM 93 Temple, TX 76502
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    • Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools
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