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Central Decatur High School Football



Central Decatur High School, located in the town of Leon, IA, is a shining example of an institution that prioritizes academic excellence and celebrates a community spirit. With a rich tradition in athletics, Central Decatur High School offers a wide range of sports programs that inspire and engage students. From basketball to volleyball, football to track and field, there is a sport for every student to explore and unleash their potential. Central Decatur High School is a proud member of the state athletic association, fostering a competitive yet supportive environment for student-athletes. The school's commitment to sportsmanship and fair play is evident in the way their athletic teams represent the school with pride and integrity. Whether participating in regular season games or state tournaments, Central Decatur High School athletes demonstrate teamwork, discipline, and a strong work ethic. In addition to their exceptional academic programs, Central Decatur High School nurtures a thriving athletic community, instilling valuable life skills such as leadership, resilience, and determination. The school's dedication to creating a positive environment not only enriches the lives of its students but also strengthens the bonds within the entire community. Central Decatur High School embodies the belief that athletics is not just about winning games but about building character and fostering personal growth.