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Blackfoot High School

Blackfoot, ID

Blackfoot High School

Blackfoot, ID


Blackfoot High School, located in the town of Blackfoot, ID, is an educational institution that takes pride in molding well-rounded individuals. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Blackfoot High School has established itself as a top-tier school not just in academics but also in athletics. The school's athletics programs are renowned for their dedication to sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth. With a wide range of sports available, from basketball to soccer, track and field to volleyball, Blackfoot High School offers ample opportunities for students to thrive in their athletic pursuits. The school's athletes are consistently well-prepared, displaying remarkable talent and a winning spirit that is admired by many. Blackfoot High School is a member of the state athletics association, ensuring that its athletic programs adhere to the highest standards. The school's association with this organization ensures fair play, proper coaching, and regular opportunities for competition and development. Blackfoot High School's involvement with the state athletics association also allows its athletes to showcase their skills at state-level competitions, allowing them to shine on a bigger platform. The school's commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive sports environment is evident in the achievements and success of its athletic teams.


  • Blackfoot High School
  • 870 S Fisher Ave Blackfoot, ID 83221
  • Broncos
  • Idaho High School Activities Association
  • Josh Hill