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Alcona Community High School

Lincoln, MI

Alcona Community High School

Lincoln, MI

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    Alcona Community High School, located in the heart of Lincoln, MI, is an educational institution that prides itself on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for its students. With a strong emphasis on athletics, Alcona Community High School offers a wide range of sports programs that encourage students to stay active, build teamwork skills, and strive for excellence. From basketball and volleyball to soccer and track and field, there is a sporting opportunity for every student to discover and excel in their chosen athletic pursuit. As a member of the state athletics association, Alcona Community High School competes against other schools in the region, showcasing the talent and dedication of its student athletes. The school's athletic programs not only prioritize competition but also focus on character development, teaching students important life lessons such as sportsmanship, perseverance, and discipline. Through the guidance of dedicated coaches and the unwavering support of the community, Alcona Community High School's athletic programs provide a platform for students to challenge themselves, reach their full potential, and create lasting memories.