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Orestimba High School

Newman, CA

Orestimba High School

Newman, CA


Orestimba High School, located in the town of Newman, CA, is a shining example of educational excellence and community spirit. Known for its strong commitment to holistic development, this school offers a wide array of academic and extracurricular opportunities for its students. Orestimba High School is particularly renowned for its exceptional athletics programs, which foster teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit. Supported by a dedicated coaching staff and passionate community, Orestimba High School's athletics programs are a source of pride for both students and the wider community. From football and basketball to soccer and track and field, Orestimba High School offers a diverse range of sports, ensuring that every student can find their athletic niche. The school is an active member of the state athletics association, participating in various competitions and championships throughout the year, showcasing the talent and dedication of their student-athletes. Orestimba High School's dedication to fostering sportsmanship, personal growth, and physical fitness is evident in the passion and drive displayed by their athletes, making them a force to be reckoned with in the local sports scene.


  • Orestimba High School
  • 707 Hardin Rd Newman, CA 95360
  • Warriors
  • CIF - Sac-Joaquin Section
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