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    Middletown, located in the heart of Middletown, OH, is a community renowned for its thriving athletics programs. The town takes immense pride in its state-of-the-art sports facilities that cater to a diverse range of sports enthusiasts. Middletown offers a vast array of athletic opportunities for both residents and visitors alike. Middletown is home to a robust state athletics association that oversees and fosters the growth of various athletic activities. From team sports like football, basketball, and soccer to individual sports like track and field, swimming, and tennis, Middletown's state athletics association is committed to promoting a culture of healthy competition and sportsmanship. The association provides ample support and resources to athletes, coaches, and teams, ensuring that they have the necessary tools to excel in their respective disciplines. Middletown's athletics programs serve as a testament to the community's dedication to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all its residents.


    • Middletown
    • 601 N Breiel Blvd Middletown, OH 45042
    • Middies
    • Ohio High School Athletic Association
    • Jerry Lucas, Kyle Schwarber, Butch Carter, Cris Carter, Todd Bell, John Fraley, and Vincent Edwards
    • Middletown Athletics: 9-Time Team & 33 Individual State Champions
    • Interscholastic athletic activities in the Middletown City School District are considered to be an integral part of the school’s educational program. A variety of experiences are provided to aid the student athlete’s mental, physical, social, and emotional development. Development of favorable habits and attitudes will better prepare the student athlete for adult life in a democratic society. Promoting involvement in the interscholastic athletic program at all levels of participation instills pride, reinforces a sound value structure, and enhances the individual’s self-image as well as the image of the school district and community. Since Middletown student-athletes represent their school and their community wherever they go, they must have a clear understanding that participation in athletics is a privilege that requires additional responsibility and sacrifice. Our goal is to succeed in athletics while maintaining acceptable educational and behavioral standards for our student-athletes.