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Harrisburg Academy

Wormleysburg, PA

Harrisburg Academy

Wormleysburg, PA

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    Harrisburg Academy, located in the town of Wormleysburg, PA, is an institution that offers a well-rounded education to its students. The Academy takes great pride in its athletics programs, which aim to foster teamwork, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit. With a wide range of sports offered, including basketball, soccer, tennis, and track and field, students have the opportunity to explore and excel in their chosen athletic pursuits. One of the notable aspects of Harrisburg Academy's athletics programs is its affiliation with the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA). This association ensures that the Academy's sports teams adhere to high standards of sportsmanship, fair play, and integrity. Through participation in PIAA-sanctioned events, students not only gain valuable athletic experience but also learn important life skills such as resilience and perseverance. The Academy's commitment to excellence in athletics is a testament to its dedication to holistic education, where students are encouraged to develop both their academic and physical abilities.


    • Harrisburg Academy
    • 10 Erford Road Wormleysburg, PA 17043
    • Spartans
    • Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association
    • None
    • Harrisburg Academy offers an academically challenging and globally minded interdisciplinary education. In our commitment to excellence, we provide tools, develop character, and teach skills that prepare students to thrive in college and beyond, thereby contributing to the betterment of our global and local communities.