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Boiling Springs High School

Boiling Springs, SC

Boiling Springs High School

Boiling Springs, SC


Boiling Springs High School, located in the town of Boiling Springs, SC, is a well-respected institution known for its strong commitment to both academics and athletics. This school takes pride in its comprehensive and competitive athletics programs, offering a wide variety of sports opportunities for its students. The school's athletics department is affiliated with the South Carolina High School League, which ensures that all athletic programs are conducted within fair and ethical standards. Boiling Springs High School's sports teams have consistently displayed exceptional performance, showcasing their dedication and skill on and off the field. The school's commitment to promoting healthy competition, teamwork, and personal growth is evident in the success of its athletic programs, which have garnered recognition across the state. Boiling Springs High School presents a supportive and nurturing environment for its students to excel not only in their academics but also in their chosen sports. The school's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals through its athletics programs, in collaboration with the state athletics association, makes it an exceptional educational institution for students seeking a balanced and enriching high school experience.


  • Boiling Springs High School
  • 2251 Old Furnace Rd Boiling Springs, SC 29316
  • Bulldogs
  • South Carolina High School League
  • Matt Reel
  • Triton College Stadium