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Priory School Basketball



Priory School, located in the town of Portola Valley, CA, is a renowned educational institution that prides itself on its exceptional athletics programs. The school offers a wide range of sports activities, providing students with opportunities to engage in physical fitness and cultivate their passion for athletics. From soccer and basketball to swimming and track and field, Priory School caters to diverse sporting interests, ensuring every student finds a sport that resonates with them. The school's commitment to athletics is further demonstrated by its affiliation with the state athletics association. By being a part of the state athletics association, Priory School gains access to a vast network of resources and opportunities, enabling its athletes to compete at a high level. The association also provides a platform for students to showcase their skills, fostering healthy competition and nurturing their growth as athletes. Priory School's dedication to promoting athletics as an integral part of its educational experience is a testament to its commitment to holistic development and fostering a well-rounded student body.