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Wauseon High School Football



Wauseon High School, located in the town of Wauseon, OH, is an example of excellence in education and athletics. This institution is known for its top-notch athletics programs, attracting talented student-athletes and fostering a strong sense of team spirit. Whether it's on the basketball court, football field, or track, Wauseon High School athletes demonstrate their dedication and passion, driving their teams to achieve remarkable success year after year. Wauseon High School's athletics programs are affiliated with the state athletics association, ensuring that student-athletes compete at the highest level and benefit from a well-structured and fair competition format. With a wide range of sports offered, including baseball, softball, soccer, and wrestling, there is something for every aspiring athlete at Wauseon High School. The school's dedication to sportsmanship and fair play is evident in every game, as athletes demonstrate respect for their opponents and pride in representing their school. Wauseon High School's athletics programs truly embody the spirit of teamwork, perseverance, and achievement, providing students with invaluable life lessons and unforgettable experiences.


  • Wauseon High School
  • 840 Parkview St Wauseon, OH 43567
  • Indians
  • Ohio High School Athletic Association
  • 4 State Championships: 2018 Wrestling Team Duals, 1997 Girls Basketball, 1995 Baseball, 1993 Football / 5 State Runner-up: 2017 Boys Basketball, 2017 Wrestling Team Duals, 2016 Wrestling Team Duals, 1994 Boys Basketball, 1984 Wrestling