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Tri County High School Wrestling



Tri County High School, located in the town of Pierson, MI, is a shining example of excellence in education and a hub for athletics programs. With a robust range of athletic offerings, Tri County High School provides students with ample opportunities to showcase their skills, develop their talents, and foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow athletes. From football to basketball, baseball to soccer, the school's athletics programs offer a diverse array of options for students to engage in healthy competition and teamwork. Tri County High School is proudly affiliated with the state athletics association, ensuring that the athletics programs adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play. The school's commitment to developing well-rounded student-athletes is evident through their emphasis on character building, discipline, and perseverance. Tri County High School's athletics programs instill the values of sportsmanship, determination, and teamwork, laying a strong foundation for success both on and off the field. Tri County High School in Pierson, MI provides a supportive and enriching environment where students can excel in academics and athletics alike. With a wide range of athletic offerings and a dedication to fostering values such as sportsmanship and teamwork, Tri County High School is an example of excellence in the community, nurturing the potential of its students and preparing them for success in all aspects of life.