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Southwood High School

Shreveport, LA

Southwood High School

Shreveport, LA


Southwood High School, located in Shreveport, LA, is an educational institution that offers a positive and enriching experience for its students. The school takes great pride in its athletics programs, which provide a platform for students to develop their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. With a wide range of sports options available, Southwood High School ensures that every student has the opportunity to explore their athletic interests and excel in their chosen field. Southwood High School is affiliated with the state athletics association, which enables its students to engage in high-level competitions and showcase their talents. The association offers a platform for athletes to compete against other schools in the state, fostering a sense of healthy competition and camaraderie. The school encourages its students to embrace the values of discipline, dedication, and perseverance through their participation in athletics, preparing them for success not just on the field but also in their future endeavors. Southwood High School prides itself on offering a well-rounded educational experience that includes a robust athletics program. By providing ample opportunities for students to participate in sports and be a part of the state athletics association, the school fosters a positive and inclusive environment where students can thrive and develop their skills both academically and athletically.


  • Southwood High School
  • 9000 Walker Rd Shreveport, LA 71118
  • Cowboys
  • Louisiana High School Athletic Association
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