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Russellville High School

Russellville, AL

Russellville High School

Russellville, AL


Russellville High School, located in the town of Russellville, AL, is a thriving educational institution known for its robust athletics programs. Fostering a culture of excellence and sportsmanship, Russellville High School offers a wide range of athletic opportunities for its students. From football to basketball, baseball to soccer, and everything in between, the school's athletics programs cater to diverse interests, encouraging students to pursue their passion and showcase their skills. As an member of the state athletics association, Russellville High School actively participates in various competitive events, representing the school and the community with pride. The athletic teams at Russellville High School consistently demonstrate dedication, hard work, and teamwork, allowing them to truly excel on the field. With a focus on developing both physical and mental strength, the school's athletics programs instill important life skills in the students, teaching them the value of discipline, perseverance, and fair play. With its commitment to fostering a well-rounded educational experience, Russellville High School's athletics programs serve as a testament to the school's dedication to student success. Through the wide range of athletic opportunities offered and active participation in competitive events, Russellville High School empowers its students to reach their full potential both on and off the field, leaving a lasting positive impact on their lives.


  • Russellville High School
  • 1865 Waterloo Rd Russellville, AL 35653
  • Golden Tigers
  • Alabama High School Athletic Association
  • 4
  • “Pursuing Excellence… Impacting the lives of our students, our community, our world”