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Paint Branch High School Cheerleading and Dance


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    Paint Branch High School, located in the lively town of Burtonsville, MD, is an institution committed to academic excellence and athletic prowess. With a rich tradition of success, this school is renowned for its competitive athletics programs, creating a nurturing environment for student-athletes to flourish. Paint Branch High School is an active member of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA), a premier state athletics association that upholds the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play. The school's athletics programs offer a diverse range of sports, providing students with opportunities to engage in their favorite activities and develop their athletic skills. Whether it's on the basketball court, the soccer field, the track, or the swimming pool, Paint Branch High School athletes consistently demonstrate a relentless drive to achieve their best performance. The coaching staff is dedicated to fostering teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, instilling values that will benefit students both on and off the field. In the spirit of creating a well-rounded educational experience, Paint Branch High School ensures that academics remain a top priority for student-athletes. The school's commitment to balancing both athletic and educational achievements has led to a positive and supportive atmosphere, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among students and staff. With an emphasis on personal growth and holistic development, Paint Branch High School stands as a proud symbol of athletic excellence, shaping determined individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the future.