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Obion County Central High School

Troy, TN

Obion County Central High School

Troy, TN


Obion County Central High School, located in the welcoming community of Troy, TN, is an example of excellence in academics and offers a wide range of opportunities for its students. The school's commitment to fostering a well-rounded education is evident in its exceptional athletics programs. The school prides itself on its passionate and dedicated coaches who instill in their athletes the values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. With a diverse selection of sports, including basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and track and field, students are encouraged to explore their athletic talents and push themselves to reach their full potential. Obion County Central High School is also a proud member of the state athletics association, ensuring that its athletes have the opportunity to compete at the highest level and showcase their skills against other schools across Tennessee. Whether it's on the court, on the field, or on the track, the athletes of Obion County Central High School embody the spirit of determination, resilience, and fair play, making their school community immensely proud.


  • Obion County Central High School
  • 528 Hwy 51 N Troy, TN 38260
  • Rebels
  • Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association
  • Cannon Whitby, Chasity Fussell, Wes Moore, Jana Roney, Robin Cude
  • 1
  • Justin Palmer