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Lee High School

Huntsville, AL

Lee High School

Huntsville, AL


Lee High School, located in the city of Huntsville, AL, is a renowned educational institution dedicated to shaping well-rounded individuals. With a strong emphasis on academics and character development, Lee High School provides students with a supportive and nurturing environment to thrive in their educational journey. When it comes to athletics, Lee High School is known for its exceptional programs that promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and a strong sense of community. The school's sports teams participate in the state athletics association, competing against other top-tier schools in the region. Whether it's on the basketball court, football field, or track and field, Lee High School's athletes consistently demonstrate determination, skill, and a passion for their respective sports. Through their commitment and dedication, the athletes of Lee High School have brought pride and success to the school, making it a respected name in the Alabama athletics scene.


  • Lee High School
  • 2500 Meridian St. Huntsville, AL 35811
  • Generals
  • Alabama High School Athletic Association
  • Darian Stewart, Amobi Akoye, Chester Rogers, Trent Scott, Craig Kimbrel, Buddy Boshers, Condredge Holloway, Keith Butler, Israel Raybon, Kobe Brown
  • 7 AHSAA 5A Boys Basketball State Champions Back II Back 2021-2022
  • Vision Lee High School will become a model public school, demonstrating commitment to equity and excellence by establishing the standard for rigor and relevance in instruction engaging students and teachers in the learning process. To ensure that all students graduate with the capacity to compete successfully and contribute responsibly as a citizen in a globally connected society. Mission The mission of Lee High School is to provide an equal opportunity for all students to have the best possible education in an effective and engaging learning environment. To encourage all parents, guardians, and community members to become partners with faculty and staff in providing a student-focused school. To provide effective learning activities that enable students to see the relationship between course content and their future. To provide students with a sense of pride through scholastic accomplishments and help them develop their problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills. To foster a sense of belonging and school pride by encouraging all students to join school-based extracurricular activities. To instill a sense of personal integrity and moral excellence in all students through modeling and reinforcement. To produce students who are responsible for their own behaviors and flexible enough to adapt to a changing world. To employ teachers who have high expectations for their students and who are committed to excellence. To do whatever it takes to ensure all students are college and career ready when they graduate. Equity Statement All students, regardless of their membership in a group (race, gender, grade level, magnet, athletics, special education, etc.) will be taught the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in school and in life. All FamiLee teachers and staff will make their students feel valued and intelligent, hold them to unrelenting high expectations, and hold them accountable for participating in their own successes. Lastly, all FamiLee teachers and staff will do whatever it takes to ensure that all our students are truly college and career ready when they graduate.
  • Irving McGuire
  • Milton Frank