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King's Way Christian Baseball

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No live or upcoming events currently scheduled


Located in the city of Vancouver, WA, King's Way Christian is a renowned educational institution that offers a nurturing and supportive environment for students. With a strong emphasis on character development and academic excellence, King's Way Christian is dedicated to molding well-rounded individuals prepared to make a positive impact on society. King's Way Christian takes great pride in its robust athletics programs, providing students with opportunities to develop their physical talents and teamwork skills. The school is affiliated with a state athletics association, ensuring high-quality competition and promoting a strong sense of sportsmanship among its athletes. From basketball and soccer to track and field, students at King's Way Christian have numerous options to explore their athletic passions while fostering a well-balanced lifestyle. Through these programs, students learn valuable life lessons, including persistence, discipline, and the importance of teamwork, setting them up for success both on and off the field.