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Eastwood High School Wrestling



Located in the city of El Paso, Texas, Eastwood High School is a remarkable educational institution that prides itself on providing a well-rounded experience for its students. With a rich history dating back several decades, the school has established itself as a pillar of academic excellence and athletic prowess in the community. Eastwood High School is affiliated with the Texas state athletics association, ensuring that its students have access to a comprehensive range of athletic programs. At Eastwood High School, the athletics department is a source of great pride and camaraderie among students. The school's sports programs are designed to foster teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition, giving every student the opportunity to excel in their chosen field. From football and basketball to track and field, Eastwood High School offers a diverse range of athletic activities that cater to the interests and talents of all students. Affiliated with the Texas state athletics association, Eastwood High School ensures that its athletic programs adhere to the highest standards set by the state.Whether it be advancing to state championships or representing the school on the regional stage, Eastwood High School's athletic programs consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellence and sportsmanship. Through their participation in these programs, students not only develop their athletic abilities but also cultivate important life skills that will serve them well beyond their high school years.