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Clifton-Fine Senior High School Cheerleading and Dance


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    Clifton-Fine Senior High School, located in the Star Lake, NY, is an example of excellence in education and a hub of student life. With a passion for providing well-rounded experiences, the school offers a wide range of athletic programs that foster teamwork, discipline, and personal growth. The school's athletics program has consistently been a source of pride for the community. From basketball to soccer, softball to cross country, Clifton-Fine Senior High School offers a diverse range of sports that cater to various interests and talents. Students have the opportunity to compete against other schools in their region, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship. The school is proudly affiliated with a respected state athletics association, ensuring that these programs adhere to high standards of competition and fair play. Clifton-Fine Senior High School's dedication to athletics goes beyond wins and losses. It emphasizes the holistic development of its student-athletes, emphasizing the importance of character, leadership, and sportsmanship. By participating in these programs, students not only enhance their physical abilities but also cultivate lifelong skills that extend far beyond the playing field. The school community rallies behind its athletes, providing unwavering support and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Clifton-Fine Senior High School is a place where young athletes can thrive, develop their talents, and create lasting memories.