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Awaken Christian Academy

Las Vegas, NV

Awaken Christian Academy

Las Vegas, NV


Awaken Christian Academy, located in the city of Las Vegas, NV, is an educational institution dedicated to empowering students spiritually, academically, and athletically. With a strong emphasis on Christian values and character development, the school fosters an inclusive and nurturing environment where students can thrive. Awaken Christian Academy takes great pride in its robust athletics programs, offering an array of opportunities for students to develop their physical abilities and sportsmanship. From soccer to basketball, volleyball to track and field, there is a sport for every student to engage in and cultivate their athletic talents. The school's state athletics association affiliation ensures that the athletics programs adhere to high standards and provide students with competitive opportunities to showcase their skills. Through these programs, students not only learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance but also develop lifelong healthy habits and a strong sense of self-confidence. Awaken Christian Academy in Las Vegas, NV, stands out as an exceptional educational institution that integrates Christ-centered teachings with a well-rounded athletic curriculum. Their dedication to helping students grow both spiritually and athletically creates a supportive community where students can thrive and reach their fullest potentials.


  • Awaken Christian Academy
  • 7175 W. Oquendo Road Las Vegas, NV 89113
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  • Awaken Christian Gym